In exhibition space no. 1.3.08 we can see the paintings of young Antal Nemcsics based on the nature principle,

and 4 display cabinets contain the most important documents of his artistic, scientific and educational activities.



In exhibition space no. 1.3.08 there are two paintings of

Antal Nemcsics that received two international awards.




In exhibition space no. 1.3.07 we see paintings of Antal Nemcsics presenting axial,

diafugal and distributive orders and the spirituality of great Hungarians by colours,

a Colour Computer designed for educational purposes, and in 2 display cabinets,

the documents of the Coloroid Colour System.



In exhibition space no. 1.3.07 we find the mobile work of art titled “Milestones in Colour Country.”

The mobile works of art on display are operated by motion sensors, if the visitors approach them. 



In exhibition space no. 1.3.06 we can see pictures of Antal Nemcsics presenting the visual spirit

of mythological persons and Hungarian regions by colours, furthermore, in 2 glass cabinets documents

of patents and prototypes based on the Coloroid colour system are on display.



On the walls of the walkway functioning as exhibition space no. 1.3.05

we can see the colour dynamics plans of the Castle District of Buda, Ferenc Liszt Airport,

the Subway and façades and internal spaces of various public buildings.



In exhibition space no. 1.3.03 we see pictures of Antal Nemcsics presenting thoughts expressed by colours,

the mobile work of art titled “Gate of Colour Country,” included in the central exhibition

of the 42nd International Biennale of Venice, the object titled Colorium,

in two glass cabinets the documents of “Complex Colour Harmony Theory,”

and in one cabinet those of the “Colour preference index number system” can be seen.



In exhibition space no. 1.3.02 the murals, mosaics, stained glass windows,

drafts for Calvary pictures created by Antal Nemcsics for various churches,

as well as documents of various colour dynamics environment plans

are on display in 3 glass cabinets.



In exhibition space no. 1.3.01 various murals, ceiling paintings, ceramic paintings,

concrete niche mosaics, drafts for stained glass windows, stained glass window object

and concrete niche mosaic models are on display, and in 2 glass cabinets pertinent documents

and exhibition catalogues can be seen.



The bookshelf of research space no. 1.3.09 with documents of the scientific

and artistic activity of Antal Nemcsics.



In research space no. 1.3.09, documents of the artistic and scientific work

of Antal Nemcsics listed below can be seen 



1.1  Mural and colour dynamics plans in folders of various sizes

    1.1.1 Folder no. NA.(2).15   Colour dynamics and mural plans, (40x50)

    1.1.2 Folder no. NA.(2).23: Colour dynamics plans in passe-partout (50x70)

    1.1.3 Folder no. NA.(2).24: Mural and colour dynamics plans in passe-partout (50x70)

    1.1.4  Folder no. NA.(2).25:: Mural and colour dynamics plans in passe-partout (50x70)

    1.1.5  Folder no. NA.(2).26: Mural and colour dynamics plans in passe-partout (50x70)

    1.1.6 Folder no.  NA.(2).27: Mural and colour dynamics plans in passe-partout (50x70)

    1.1.7 Folder no. NA.(2).30: Mural and colour dynamics plans, (115x73)

    1.1.8 Folder no. NA.(2).31: Mural plans, in passe-partout (70x100)

    1.1.9 Folder no. NA.(2).32: Colour dynamics plans, (78x35)

    1.1.10 Folder no. NA.(2).33: Colour dynamics plans, (90x38)

    1.1.11 Folder no. NA.(2).34: Colour dynamics plans, (102x38)

    1.1.12 Folder no. NA.(2).35: Colour dynamics plans in passe-partout (100x50)

    1.1.13 Folder no. NA.(2).36: Mural and colour dynamics plans in passe-partout (35x50)

    1.1.14 Folder NA.(2).39: Colour dynamics plans and collages (50x70)

1.2  Mural drafts and mural cartons in large scrolls


    2.1  Books

    2.2   Bound photo documentations

    2.3  Documents stores in desktop organizer boxes

    2.4   Documents stored on a DVD series


    3.1   Books of the author and various other authors.

    3.2  Proceedings

    3.3   Colour atlases, colour catalogues, colour collections, colour standards

    3.4   The artist’s own research results and manuscripts bound

    3.5   Manuscripts and other documents of various authors on colours, bound

    3.6   Coloroid diagrammes stored in large boxes and scrolls

    3.7   Manuscripts, proceedings stored in A4 format file storage boxes and holders offprints and other documents on colour theory work

    3.8    Slides in slide storage cabinets,

    3.9    CDs

    3.10  18 mm films, VHS videos

    3.11  Video Beta cassettes

    3.12   Films on DVD


   4.1    Bound colour dynamics plans

   4.2    Plans and documents in an A4 format document storage box

   4.3    Documentations of murals and colour dynamics works in boxes

   4.4    CDs

   4.5     VHS videos